[rt-users] Problems with Custom Fields.

Brian Bowles mrbbowles at gmail.com
Wed Sep 25 03:48:02 EDT 2013

I've recently installed RT and am trying to get an environment working.  I
have created 2 users and custom fields.  My problem is I can never see any
of the custom fields anywhere in RT.  I've applied the C.F.'s to queues,
tickets, and globally.  I've yet to ever see them appear in the interface
except when looking under Configuration/Custom Fields.  syslog has no
errors any more, so what should I do to debug this?  I assume it is a
permission problem but I also assumed I would have had at least 1 C.F. to
appear somewhere by now as I've tried multiple approaches.  I don't even
see any C.F.'s in the root account either.

Is there some simple list where I can get it working then possibly work

I'm using the devel webserver on localhost under ubuntu if it matters.
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