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Landon Stewart lstewart at iweb.com
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On 27 September 2013 11:17, Bryon Baker <bbaker at copesan.com> wrote:

>  Has anyone setup a rt-crontool job to run a scrip that is defined in a
> queue?
> Maybe I will try and explain some more.
> So I have built 80 scrips attached to a queue they do several thing for
> filling out custom fields.  But sometime they are not able to retrieve the
> information usually because there is something wrong with the data being
> retrieved from a foreign database.  I get the data corrected but then the
> cf need to be updated manually.
> My thought is to rerun the needed scrip to fill in the cf’s.

Hi Byron,

I'm doing this in numerous cases.  Basically I use my action modules in the
Scrips but I don't write User Defined actions in the Scrips if I want to be
able to use them as Actions like you are talking about above.  I started
here a few months ago:

Basically the process is to write it as an action in your RT/Action/
directory, test it and stuff…  Once you know it works manually with
rt-crontool then add it to the RT database as a ScripAction so it can be
used in the Scrips section of the UI as well as by rt-crontool.

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