[rt-users] Coredumps, traceback, etc : 4.2.6 and RT-Authen-ExternalAuth

Alex Vandiver alexmv at bestpractical.com
Mon Aug 4 15:05:45 EDT 2014

On 08/04/2014 01:18 PM, Jeff Blaine wrote:
> Retaining use of mod_perl, but disabling mod_ssl and leaving the
> RT-Authen-ExternalAuth set to use SSL/TLS worked.
> I'm not sure this is a *mod_perl* issue, for Alex's and/or Best
> Practical's records.
> mod_ssl + mod_perl + RT-Authen-ExternalAuth with SSL all worked in 2012
> when I tested it last :(

It is _triggered_ by mod_perl, but I agree it is not mod_perl's fault.
Specifically, I believe it to be caused when two parts of the same
process, both linked to openssl, attempt to use it in orthogonal
operations.  mod_perl is not the culprit, but it binds perl into the
same process as Apache, which uses openssl.  Hence this causes problems
when perl attempts to use the openssl libraries to talk ldaps://, and
why moving to mod_fastcgi splits the concerns, and resolves the issue.

I suspect using mod_gnutls in Apache would allow it to talk SSL and not
conflict with openssl in the perl process, for instance.
 - Alex

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