[rt-users] Order of custom field updates

Gareth Dawson gd250 at cam.ac.uk
Sat Dec 6 14:01:40 EST 2014

Set the scrip to run as batch. It'll then run after all the other transactions have completed.


On 6 December 2014 18:14:04 GMT+00:00, Woody - Wild Thing Safaris <woody at wildthingsafaris.com> wrote:
>Hi folks,
>I have a scrip that runs onCustomFieldChange, and it creates another
>ticket using data from other custom fields.
>Payment amount  - value
>Payment currency - select
>Payment destination  - select
>Payment type - select
>A scrip triggers on change of Payment type, but when the new ticket is
>created, amount and currency are defined, but destination is not set so
>i get something like
>Incoming Payment of xxxxx GBP - .
>instead of
>Incoming Payment of xxxx GBP - Current account
>I have checked the id number of the custom fields thinking maybe they
>update in id order, but Payment Type is the lowest, and Payment
>Destination is not the highest. Payment type is the last in the list
>that's displayed, so I'm not sure how the order of field updates is
>Can anyone suggest a solution or provide any info on how the order of
>field updates is defined and how i can change it (presumably by
>field names or deleting and re-adding?)
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