[rt-users] Migrating maildomain

Markus.Wildbolz at eu.magna.com Markus.Wildbolz at eu.magna.com
Fri Dec 19 03:13:18 EST 2014

Hi guys!

We are currently in a corporate-wide migration process of our mail 
Old domain: @xy.company.com
New domain: @company.com

We are using ExternalAuth to connect to our LDAP. At the moment, the mail 
addresses in LDAP correspond to the old maildomain.
If a user logs on at RT (or sends a mail), is the email address updated 
automatically or do we get new users with the new mail adresses?
How could I tell RT, that two mail addresses correspond to the same user?
Is there anything i could configure??

Would be great, if someone has some hints for me where to start...

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