[rt-users] REST Api - find reopen date

Florian Lohoff f at zz.de
Thu Feb 6 05:40:53 EST 2014

i am polling ticket queues for aged tickets and do some autoclosing.

Currently i close after 4 Weeks by looking at the Created date.
Now i have tickets which get reopened and more or less closed immediatly
because of the created date beeing old.

So i'd like to find out whether the ticket was reopened and when. I
currently fail how to find.

Example REST output for a reopened ticket. Creates is the
original dtae. It was resolved and reopened.

id: ticket/14657
Queue: Monitor
Owner: monitoradmin
Creator: monitoradmin
Subject: DEU.VITROC.10000C70V0 VDSL2-KVZ
Status: open
Priority: 0
InitialPriority: 0
FinalPriority: 0
Requestors: devnull at zz.de
Created: Thu Jan 09 10:09:55 2014
Starts: Not set
Started: Thu Feb 06 10:11:44 2014
Due: Not set
Resolved: Thu Feb 06 10:17:25 2014
Told: Not set
LastUpdated: Thu Feb 06 10:17:27 2014
TimeEstimated: 0
TimeWorked: 0
TimeLeft: 0

Florian Lohoff                                                 f at zz.de
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