[rt-users] rt-importer in 4.2.2 with a typo?

ms at fv-berlin.de ms at fv-berlin.de
Mon Feb 10 13:14:58 EST 2014


I was trying to migrate from mysql to pgsql with a 4.2.2 installation.

The 4.2.2 installation ran just fine.

I then had to run ./configure again with --with-db-type=Pg to get the
missing dependencies via 'make fixdeps'.

I then ran rt-serializer --clone --directory /root/rt422-mysql/
which completed just fine after bumping up the VM to 2gigs of memory

Next up I prepared the pgsql database:

rt-setup-database --action=create,acl,schema
#as per documentation, no action=init for a clone

Now I tried to import that:

rt-importer /root/rt422-mysql/

However, this almost immediately fails with:

[11764] [Mon Feb 10 18:12:01 2014] [warning]:
Can't read /root/rt422-mysql/root/rt422-mysql/001.dat: No such file or
directory at /opt/rt4/sbin/../lib/RT/Migrate/Importer/File.pm line 102.

As you can see it doubles the path because its looking for 001.dat in
the wrong place. Is this a typo somewhere within the rt-importer script
or did I do something wrong?

Kind regards,

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