[rt-users] Fedora 20 / Perl 5.18

Kevin Falcone falcone at bestpractical.com
Sat Feb 15 18:34:05 EST 2014

On Fri, Feb 14, 2014 at 03:15:51PM -0800, CLOSE Dave wrote:
> After upgrading my RT server (4.2.1) from Fedora 19 / Perl 5.16 to 
> Fedora 20 / Perl 5.18, Apache is no longer willing to start RT. It 
> complains about attempting to require packages twice. And this message 
> appears in the Apache log: "Error while loading /opt/rt4/sbin/rt-server: 
> Perl API version v5.16.0 of OPpSORT_REVERSE does not match v5.18.0 at 
> /usr/lib64/perl5/DynaLoader.pm line 213."
> Is there a straight-forward solution or must I try to downgrade perl?

This sounds like you're running mod_perl compiled against the old perl
(5.16) while trying to load the new system perl which runs 5.18.

You need a newer mod_perl package.

If you're not running mod_perl, you should specify how you're running
RT and include the whole error message, not just snippets.

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