[rt-users] Fedora 20 / Perl 5.18

CLOSE Dave Dave.Close at us.thalesgroup.com
Tue Feb 18 13:11:39 EST 2014

I wrote:

>> After upgrading my RT server (4.2.1) from Fedora 19 / Perl 5.16 to
>> Fedora 20 / Perl 5.18, Apache is no longer willing to start RT. It
>> complains about attempting to require packages twice. And this message
>> appears in the Apache log: "Error while loading /opt/rt4/sbin/rt-server:
>> Perl API version v5.16.0 of OPpSORT_REVERSE does not match v5.18.0 at
>> /usr/lib64/perl5/DynaLoader.pm line 213."

Kevin Falcone answered:

> This sounds like you're running mod_perl compiled against the old perl
> (5.16) while trying to load the new system perl which runs 5.18.
> You need a newer mod_perl package.
> If you're not running mod_perl, you should specify how you're running
> RT and include the whole error message, not just snippets.

Good thought but both perl and mod_perl were upgraded at the same time 
and both are version 5.18. It appears to be RT which is compiled against 
the wrong version.

Jeremy Mates wrote:

 > b) recompile RT and so forth to all use the new Perl 5.18

Fine. I'm trying to do that. Doesn't seem like it should need more than 
going to my unpackage directory and running "make install". However, 
when I try that, I get,

CORE missing dependencies:
         Data::GUID ...MISSING
                 Perl API version v5.16.0 of v does not match v5.18.0 at 
/usr/lib64/perl5/DynaLoader.pm line 213.

But the perl-Data-GUID package is /not/ missing.

# ls -l /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/Data/GUID.pm
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 8799 2013-12-13 05:23 

I suspect I'm missing a step /before/ "make install". Clues?
Dave Close, Thales Avionics, Irvine California USA.
cell +1 949 394 2124, dave.close at us.thalesgroup.com

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