[rt-users] rt-serializer and rt-importer

Tim Gustafson tjg at ucsc.edu
Thu Feb 20 13:43:02 EST 2014

I'm thrilled to see an export/import mechanism for RT now - thanks!  I
have three RT instances that I will be merging together using these

I have a few questions though:

1. I see some options in rt-serializer to skip users and groups.  Does
this mean that any users who are attached to tickets, either as a
requester, owner, CC or whatever won't be imported during rt-importer?
 Or will they be created on the fly during rt-importer?  Or does this
only refer to privileged users and ACL groups?  My plan is to re-build
the privileged users and ACL groups by hand as we don't have that many
of them and the target system uses a different LDAP server via
ExternalAuth, so I need to look up the equivalent user names on the
new system manually.  So, if I don't need to worry about those
privileged users and ACL groups, does that mean I can use those

2. I see an option in rt-importer to save the old ticket organization
and ID into a custom field.  Will this field be used to look up new
e-mails that come in to the system via SMTP?  Or if someone replies to
an existing ticket e-mail they've received from the original RT
system, will that create a new ticket in the new system which will
have to be manually merged with the old ticket?

Is there anything else I should be considering when merging two RT
installations together?


Tim Gustafson
tjg at ucsc.edu
Baskin Engineering, Room 313A

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