[rt-users] rt 4.0.10 & RT-Extension-JSGantt v0.19 can not print color bars

Alex Geo. alex at russian-cyprus.org
Wed Feb 26 12:42:14 EST 2014

Can anyone point me to a direction where to look for an answer of my
problem? We are using rt 4.0.10 & RT-Extension-JSGantt v0.19, am I the
first one to hit such an issue with this RT extension?


вторник, 25 февраля 2014 г. пользователь Alex Geo. написал:

> Dear all,
> We are having a strange issue. JSGantt works fine, but when it comes time
> to print it on a paper or into a PDF - the color bars are not showing up.
> If I go though to the jsgantt webpage from the same PC, I am able to see
> the color progress bars on the chart during printing (can submit
> screenshots if needed). Tried on various PCs, tried from Chrome/FF/IE -
> same result.
> There are no errors or debug messages in the apache log.
> Please help, thanks in advance.
> Kind regards,
> Alex
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