[rt-users] Is this a bug? On subject change.

Hajime Takase takase at axlbit.net
Thu Feb 27 21:55:22 EST 2014


When I change the 'subject' of ticket on correspondence,new ticket is
created or the message goes to the different ticket even there was no
authority to create or reply in that queue.


[support #100]aaaaa to bbbbbb  became new ticket 'bbbbbb' on support queue
[support #100]aaaaa to [support #50]aaaaa is added to the ticket on which
its id is 50
[support #100]aaaaa to [support #100]bbbbbb doesn't cause problem.

Does Request Tracker recognize consistency of ticket from it "ticket id" on
subject?Not header or something?
Can I not show the ticket id from the user,without digging to the source

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