[rt-users] Rights for Linking Ticket

Ram ram0502 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 28 15:32:48 EST 2014

Hey folks,
Using RT 4.0.2.
I have a queue most of our staff is authorized to view/view
summaries/comment/reply/modify/... and another queue that most staff can
create tickets in and , as requestors, can view their own tickets and add
replies but they don't have more general capabilities.

The situation has come up where I want to enable regular staff to link
(RefersTo) tickets in the queue they normally work on to the queue that
they are only ever requestors of. What is the appropriate Right to grant
and where?

This is what we have put another way:
queue 1: all group 'staff' have full user and staff rights
queue 2: all group 'staff' can can create tickets and modify their own
I want folks in group 'staff' to be able to link a ticket in queue1 to a
ticket in queue2.

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