[rt-users] Resolve without Stealing

Tom Leslein tleslein at arsalon.net
Fri Jan 10 17:02:57 EST 2014

Thank you, but no.  Regretfully I still need to allow our clients to re-open tickets.

I just need to allow my team to resolve tickets of anyone's without Stealing the ticket.

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We got rid of the "On Correspond Open Tickets" Scrip to avoid tickets being reopened because of those type of responses.  Is that an option for you, or would you like your tickets to re-open?


On Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 1:33 PM, Tom Leslein <tleslein at arsalon.net<mailto:tleslein at arsalon.net>> wrote:

I am trying to find a way to allow my Tier 1 team to resolve tickets without stealing tickets.

At this point if someone works on a ticket for two days, or 1 hour, and completes the ticket, the client usually replies back with a thank you or "Yup, everything is good to go."

I do not want another Tier 1 person to have to Steal the ticket to resolve it.

One caveat about this request is that I know there is a permission out there, "Edit Ticket", but that gives them a lot more features which I do not want them to have.  Specifically, being able to reply to any ticket even if they are not the owner.

Kind of long winded but hopefully someone can help.

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