[rt-users] Problem with WYSIWYG Editor in tickets

Keith Macpherson landsbeyond at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 2 07:18:56 EDT 2014

Markus Wildbolz wrote, On 01/06/2014 21:00:
> Problem with WYSIWYG Editor in tickets
> I have made a new installation of RT 4.2.4 on Debian 7.
> I now have the problem (in comparison to my old system running RT
> 4.0.1) that it is not possible to create a HTML-Table via the WYSIWYG
> interface. If i click the button, the screen is gray for a moment and
> nothing happens!
> Also, I cannot paste content from MS-Word via the appropriate button.

Sounds like you are experiencing similar issues I have with the CKEditor
element. Alex commented last week that there are some fixes scheduled
for inclusion in the 4.2.5 update which may be in rc1 this week. I'd
suggest waiting for that update.


> Do you have any recommendations for my what i can check?
> Maybe I should notice, that I upgraded the database from my old system...
> Thanks in advance,
> Markus W.

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