[rt-users] combine Correspond and Resolve scrips?

Alex Peters alex at peters.net
Wed Jun 4 22:37:40 EDT 2014

A default RT installation has scrips to send correspondence to requestors,
and to send an email to requestors indicating that their ticket has been

I'd like to combine the two in a way such that the "resolution" email also
includes the correspondence entered as part of the resolving transaction.

To achieve this, I have modified the "Resolved" template to also contain
the transaction's content.

This works as desired with two exceptions:

   1. Hitting Resolve in the RT web interface, changing Comment to
   Correspond, typing a message and submitting results in two emails being
   sent to the requestor: one with just the correspondence, and another with
   the "resolved" message and the same correspondence.  I'd prefer only one
   email to be sent.

   2. When resolving a ticket without comment, the "resolved" email is sent
   containing the message "this transaction appears to have no content," which
   I'd like to avoid.

Essentially I guess I want to do these two things:

   1. Make the Correspond scrip only fire if the transaction (or
   transaction batch?) isn't also resolving or rejecting the ticket.

   2. Modify the Resolved template to not output the "appears to have no
   content" message if the transaction (batch?) doesn't include a
   correspondence element.

What is the most appropriate way to do these?  Can it all be achieved using
scrips and templates alone?

I suppose one option might be to place a conditional "does transaction
(batch?) include ticket resolution" element into the Correspondence
template and remove the Resolved template altogether, but if it is, I'm not
entirely sure how to implement this.

Clarification on whether corresponding and resolving at the same time is
considered a single transaction or a batch would also be gratefully
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