[rt-users] Issues with permissions and Asset extension

Francisco Leon fjleon at outlook.com
Fri Jun 20 09:32:01 EDT 2014

Hello everyone, i am new with request tracker and am trying to understand
how RT handles permissions.

We are an insurance company with a small helpdesk team (3 support guys and
myself as manager)

We use exchange 2007 as email and i have configured the external auth
extension to handle authentication.

We want two methods for users to report tickets: they can send an email or
login to the RT site with their active directory login. This works fine and
the account gets autocreated, i have AutoCreateNonExternalUsers and
UserAutoCreateDefaultsOnLogin set to 1.

My first question is, should the regular users be privileged or
unprivileged? I just want those users to be able to report tickets through
mail and the website. They should be able to only see their tickets and
reply them.

I have read the book (including the helpdesk examples) and the
documentation, and i was leaning to make all users privileged, but then they
can see the rt at a glance site "owned" tickets and such. So now i am
leaning through unprivileged accounts.

I am trying to use the Assets extension (1.01), and i have configured one
catalog with 5 custom fields, and set permissions on the catalog. The
privileged users can see their assets on the rt at a glance page. Since i am
leaning for unprivileged accounts (i don't want to see the "10 highest
priority cases i own", or "10 recent tickets without owner" or such).

But when i put my sample user account as unprivileged, the following happens:

-Can't seem to find a way to put the "my assets" on the selfservice page, so
the only way to see the asset is to manually search for it or click on the
asset menu.
-When using the "create linked ticket" option from the asset menu, i don't
see the "assets" tab. If i do the same from my helpdesk account (which
belongs on a group) i get a blank assets tab instead, even when my group has
the 3 basic permissions see assets, see catalogs, see custom fields.

I appreciate any help.

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