[rt-users] non-admin user editing custom field values

Milt Epstein mepstein at illinois.edu
Mon Jun 23 12:20:28 EDT 2014

OK, I see.  That permission, AdminCustomFieldValues, I see in two
places under Configuration:

Configuration, Custom Field, the particular custom field, Group Rights

Configuration, Global, Group Rights

I assume the difference between these is kind of like the other case,
the first is specific to the particular custom field, the second is
global to all custom fields.

Thanks again.

> On Fri, Jun 20, 2014 at 12:25:52PM -0500, Milt Epstein wrote:
> > Thanks very much!  It was the ShowConfigTab permission that did it.  I
> > had a feeling there was another access they needed in order to be able
> > to get to the place where they could modify the custom fields' values.
> > 
> > I found ShowConfigTab under Configuration, Global, Group Rights.
> > 
> > BTW, the other permission is called ModifyCustomField -- apparently it
> > was earlier called ModifyObjectCustomFieldValues, but then shortened.
> ModifyCustomField lets you set a value for a CF on the object where it
> is applied (so let's you pick a value for a CF on a ticket).
> The right I was thinking of is called AdminCustomFieldValues which
> lets you add/remove values from a select CF but doesn't let you change
> other things about the CF (like AdminCustomField would).
> -kevin

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