[rt-users] rt-shredder madness

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Fri Jun 20 11:42:34 EDT 2014

Thanks for the information Kevin,

Yes, the upgrade completed with no problems. I had RT 4.2.5 running with 
the default configs and default rt4 database.  Long story short, I have 
been having problems getting the database upgrade to complete so I was 
attempting to trim the database before attempting to run the upgrade 
script again.

The database I am attempting to run the RT 4.2.5 version of rt-shredder 
is actually a renamed copy of my rt3 database before attempting to run 
the database upgrade script, so it makes sense that a column would be 
missing, etc.

I had begun to suspect that was the case but it was after 1:30 AM so I 
wasn't motivated to run the 3.8.1 version of shredder against my rt3 
database first.

I will try to trim my rt3 database using that version of rt-shredder 
before importing into rt4 and if that doesn't work, I will report back.

Thankfully this is a test server so if I break something it's not critical.



On 6/20/2014 10:32 AM, Kevin Falcone wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 20, 2014 at 10:26:38AM -0500, Lists wrote:
>> I have been trying to run rt-shredder to clean up my database before
>> upgrading and an unable to get it to work.  I have been following the syntax
>> either as presented by the ./rt-shredder --plugin help-Tickets as well as
>> what is documented in the 4.2.5 section of the website and nothing seems to
>> work.
> One of your errors indicates this upgrade didn't go swimmingly, are
> you sure it completed?
>> As per the examples, here is the latest command I tried executing which
>> errors out.
>> ./rt-shredder --plugin 'Tickets=query,Status = "deleted" OR Status =
>> "rejected" ) LastUpdated < '2006-11-29 20:34:26''
>> SQL dump file is '/opt/rt4/sbin/20140620T152023-0001.sql'
>> [25293] [Fri Jun 20 15:20:23 2014] [error]: Couldn't parse query: Wrong
>> query, expecting a AGGREGATOR in 'Status = "deleted" OR Status = "rejected"
>>> )<--here LastUpdated < 2006-11-29' at /opt/rt4/sbin/../lib/RT/SQL.pm line
> You have a closing paren, but no opening paren.  This is invalid, it's
> showing you the closing ) that lacks an opening (
>> I have also tried other variations:
>>   ./rt-shredder --plugin 'Tickets=query,LastUpdated = "2007-01-10 22:31:10"'
>> SQL dump file is '/opt/rt4/sbin/20140620T152132-0001.sql'
>> [25298] [Fri Jun 20 15:21:32 2014] [warning]: DBD::mysql::st execute failed:
>> Unknown column 'main.IsMerged' in 'where clause' at
> Tickets.IsMerged is a new column in RT 4.2, are you sure your upgrade
> completed?
> -kevin

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