[rt-users] non-admin user editing custom field values

Milt Epstein mepstein at illinois.edu
Fri Jun 20 13:25:52 EDT 2014


Thanks very much!  It was the ShowConfigTab permission that did it.  I
had a feeling there was another access they needed in order to be able
to get to the place where they could modify the custom fields' values.

I found ShowConfigTab under Configuration, Global, Group Rights.

BTW, the other permission is called ModifyCustomField -- apparently it
was earlier called ModifyObjectCustomFieldValues, but then shortened.

On Fri, 20 Jun 2014, Kevin Falcone wrote:

> On Thu, Jun 19, 2014 at 02:41:53PM -0500, Milt Epstein wrote:
> > Can the users of this queue (who are not general RT admins) modify
> > these custom fields' values?  If so, how?
> The ModifyCustomFieldValues right is what you want.
> The users will also need ShowConfigTab in order to see the right menus
> to get to the Custom Field editing page.
> > On a custom field's page, I see that there is also a Group Rights
> > link/page, with similar permissions as the above two -- "View custom
> > fields (SeeCustomField)" under the "General rights" tab, and "Add,
> > modify and delete custom field values for objects (ModifyCustomField)"
> > under the "Rights for Staff" tab.  How do these permissions differ
> > from the above two?  Are they needed in addition to or instead of
> > them?  Should they allow these users to modify these values?
> Rights granted on the Queue to a group apply to ALL CFs applied to
> that Queue.  Rights granted to a CF apply only to that CF, but
> independent of which queues it is applied to.
> -kevin

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