[rt-users] multiple users editing the same ticket - how does RT handle concurrent edits ?

Alex Peters alex at peters.net
Mon Jun 30 02:35:30 EDT 2014

RT doesn't notify two users if they have both entered an editing screen for
the same ticket, as you've discovered.

I'm not sure that many people generally see this as an issue though.  If
two people add commentary to the ticket, both comments are kept.  If two
people edit a ticket's fields at the same time, although the edits by the
first person to submit are lost at the top, records of both sets of edits
are permanently saved in the ticket's history.  In my eight years using RT
across five different installations, no one has ever raised this as an

Is this strictly just a "what if" scenario for you, or is it causing
problems?  If it's causing problems, I'd love to know exactly how so that I
can avoid those problems in my setups.  I also wonder whether in your case,
(company and/or RT) policy changes could help—e.g. "only ticket owners may
modify a ticket's fields."

On 28 June 2014 07:02, Al Joslin <allen.joslin at gmail.com> wrote:

> I was asked by one of my users, what happens if two people are editing a
> ticket at the same time ?
> Our current system, that I'm trying to replace, tells users when another
> user is editing the same ticket
> I tried editing one ticket with two users at the same time -- I could see
> no notice/indication that someone else was modifying that same ticket
> I've searched the web/wiki/docs -- I don't see anything about it
> I can't believe the most used ticketing software in the world
> can't/doesn't protect against multiple users editing the same ticket at the
> same time
> what am I missing ?
> Al;
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