[rt-users] Tackling the undisclosed-recipients To: header for AdminCcs

Guido Passet g.passet at siel.nl
Sun Mar 2 10:01:42 EST 2014


For almost a week now I have been trying to correctly configure the 
"To:" header for emails being send to AdminCcs.

My setup is, i think, quite common but last time I administrated RT it 
was at an early version v3 and I understand that v4 may want me to deal 
with things differently. I tried searching Google and mailing lists and 
did find a related question (link below) but without a clear answer. 
Hence im asking this list :)

In a nutshell i have:
- most recent stable version of RT installed.
- 3 people added to a group.
- This particular group is the (sole) AdminCc watcher for a specific queue.
- read: http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/rt/users/96284

When i send an email to the queue-configured email address the ticket is 
automatically assigned to the queue. The response to the requestor is 
perfect. When pressing reply in the requestor email-client the 
return-address is that of the queue. Which works great.

The problem occurs with email notifications to the watchers. They do get 
a neat "ticket has been raised in a queue you are watching" email but 
the email has a strange "To:" header. Depending on my configuration I 
either get:

   "Owner,AdminCc of MyName Ticket #51":;

instead of the queue-emailaddress. This makes replying to tickets from 
email rather annoying as the AdminCc receiving the email needs to 
correct the address he is replying to.

I have tried tinkering with UseFriendlyToLine and FriendlyToLineFormat 
but to no avail. Trying to use the FriendlyToLineFormat seems illogical 
as its arguments seem to be WatcherType and TicketId..

I must be doing something silly, either missing a configuration setting 
or approaching this the wrong way. So any hints or pointers into the 
right direction are much appreciated.

Best regards,

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