[rt-users] Question about Article searches

Emil Støa emil at wican.no
Tue Mar 4 08:32:31 EST 2014

Thank you, Kevin for your answer.
 I have tried to look into the code, and I had a feeling it should be "as simple" as that. Unfortunately, the simplest things for you pro's is a real headscratcher for the rest of us. Do you have any clues as to how I can make this modification? 

I try to figure stuff out as much as possible myself, but on this thing I'm really lost.. 


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Emne: Re: [rt-users] Question about Article searches

On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 10:47:37PM +0000, Emil Støa wrote:
>    Oh, and in keeping with best pratices i should ofcourse tell you something about my
>    environment. Totally forgot, sorry J I've been using v3 for a long time, and I'm currently
>    trying out 4.0.2 and that's why I'm looking into this again. I've found Googleish from 2008,
>    is this the right track to get wikifield-quicksearch going?

Googleish (renamed to Simple) is RT's Ticket Searching mechanism.
Unlikely to help with Articles.

>    This may be a dumb question, but i am honestly exhausted trying to figure this out. In my
>    Articles I have set up a field for content, where most of the interesting stuff is written
>    down. The quick search field up to the right when you're browsing articles, it searches title
>    and description but not these custom fields. Can I add my fields to this quick search?

The quick search just submits the search form for you, with a shortcut into the Name and Description.  If you use some JS or something else to also set Article~ or Content~ it should do what you want.


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