[rt-users] Send message to every non Privileged users in the Queue

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Well hell. I'm old. I wasn't thinking. You're right.


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>    You can create a group and then write a scrip to search that group membership and add them to
>    the cc list.

That's hugely unnecessary since you can just add a group as a Cc
after creation.


>    I have few hundred customers and few groups in the Queue.I want to send the messages to them
>    like 'sales notice' or 'security notice' perhaps with making a new ticket.But apparently I
>    can't add groups to CC when I create ticket.
>    So is there any ways to send message to every non Privileged users in the particular Queue?

The Web UI won't allow that unfortunately, since it wants to parse
emails.  It's an infrequent request.

You can create the ticket, add the Cc, then correspond.
Alternately, depending on how you're handling these tickets, the API
accepts Principal ids, so you can assign a group on creation of the
ticket using that.

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