[rt-users] Limit Notifications on one Queue but Tickets traveling to another, more verbose Queues.

Bartosz Maciejewski b.maciejewski at agriplus.pl
Wed Mar 5 11:20:20 EST 2014

Hi, I wonder if this is achievable:

I've got RT instance with 50+ queues with mostly default notify schema 
(ticket created, queue changed, owner changed, ticket resolved, taken 
by, given to, etc.). This works great and users submiting tickets know 
what is going on q their requests. However this 50 queues are company 
inside queues, and only employees are using it.

Now there is a need for one queue for outside customers. For example if 
one want to complain then sends ticket to Complain Queue and should 
recive confirmation that ticket is created. Then employee who reads 
ticket from this queue gives it to lets say Warehouse Queue. Normally on 
this stage Requestor is getting notify that queue has changed, but if 
queue chaned from Complain queue there should not be this notification. 
Also if someone is taking ticket or giving to another Owner no notify as 
well should be send (if ticket is from Complain Queue). Further more, if 
Warehouse decided that this is not theirs case, and gives this ticket to 
Production Queue, there shouldn't be notify on queue or user change. And 
for the final step, if ticket is resolved, customer should have notify 
with explanation.


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