[rt-users] Update.html -> Display.html and notifying user, callbacks, etc.

Jeff Blaine jblaine at kickflop.net
Mon Mar 10 15:51:45 EDT 2014

On 3/7/2014 5:36 PM, Kevin Falcone wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 07, 2014 at 03:39:36PM -0500, Jeff Blaine wrote:
>> This thread is probably going to end up relevant to
>> RT-Extension-MandatoryOnTransition which does not appear to have yet
>> solved this issue.
> I'm surprised at this statement since MandatoryOnTransition works on
> Create.html and Update.html but not on Modify.html, but you claim the
> problem is in Update.html.

You are correct. This was a mix-up in my head. Turns out it cost me a
lot of time (and some of yours). I apologize.

If I am able to come up with something for Modify.html, I will be
sure to feed a pull request back to the github repo for
RT-Extension-MandatoryOnTransition (not ...MandatoryOnTransaction
as I previously worded it).

> Ticket/Update.html does not redirect to Display.html on submission.
> It runs and then calls Display.html like any other mason component
> call using $m->comp (equivalent to <& &>. Display.html then redirects to
> itself if needed.
> MandatoryOnTransaction uses Update.html/BeforeUpdate to break out of
> calling Display.html if there was an error.
> You would use the same callback.
> If BeforeUpdate sets skip_update and pushes things into the
> @$results_ref array ref then control will not be dispatched to
> Display.html and instead Update.html will redisplay with a message at
> the top for the user.

Thank you. This extension and your explanation go places that the wiki
examples do not (for those who are not PERL + HTML::Mason devs).

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