[rt-users] Asset link search

Schincke, Keith Keith.Schincke at bcm.edu
Tue Mar 11 10:20:25 EDT 2014

1)      The asset number is also displayed just below the RT menu.

2)      I see this requiring a code extension to have the query run against both tables as it currently runs against ticket titles and not articles or assets.

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Hi, I was reading other posts about how to link asset to tickets that already exists.
I understand that you have to go to the link tab (or use @AssetQueue), and write for example asset:3, to make a link to asset 3.
I have two question about that:
1. How can I know the asset id?, because in the search form doesn't appear the id asset. (I know that you can see in the url address, but I can't explain that to users)
2. Is it possible to search by description (in link tab) like to link tickets?

I'm using RT 4.2.3
Asset 1.0 rc2

Thank you very much.

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