[rt-users] Using UpdateStatus in a Search?

Garrett Michael Hayes (VI) Garrett at VerbalImaging.com
Fri Mar 28 10:41:37 EDT 2014


Thanks for the pointer.  That sounds like exactly what I want to do.
Unfortunately, it also sounds like it's a teensy bit beyond my present
skillset.  But I will definitely take a gander at it, and see if it's
worth having a lash.


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On Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 02:25:49PM -0400, Garrett Michael Hayes (VI)
>    I am using the "UpdateStatus" value in the output of my "50 Highest
Priority Tickets" search
>    to show which tickets have received new emails from users (or
updates from other support
>    reps).  I would like to be able to use that value as a search
criterion, to create a search
>    that shows me ONLY tickets that have such updates.  However, I
haven't been able to find a
>    syntax that seems to work.  I've tried a few possibilities using
the advanced editor for the
>    search, but it doesn't seem to be a recognized field for criteria

Unfortunately, while there's a piece of syntax calls HasAttribute
which would let you say "Find my tickets where this attribute about
update status exists" you actually want to find tickets where the
attribute exists and the ticket has transactions newer than the stored
value.  That would require code like that found in
RT::Ticket::SeenUpTo and a custom portlet.  


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