[rt-users] Clickable custom field in User Summary display page

Lieven Bridts Lieven.Bridts at ocmwpuurs.be
Wed May 14 05:18:45 EDT 2014

Anyone a suggestion?
Is a clickable CF in 'User Summary Display' possible? Anyone succeeded? If not, than I don't have to search for possible errors or misconfigurations anymore.

Thanks a lot.

Lieven Bridts

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Onderwerp: Re: [rt-users] Clickable custom field in User Summary display page

On Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 08:24:48AM +0000, Lieven Bridts wrote:
>    I like the new RT 4.2.3 and its new features. Great work.
>    At the moment we are extending our RT with custom fields, which seems to work well.
>    Using clickable links in e.g. the Asset Display-page works as expected.
>    And adding custom fields to the User Summary (display) page is fairly simple using
>    Set(%UserSummaryExtraInfo)
>    But the shown (CF.)fields are not clickable although they're configured as such.
>    So, as I see it, at the moment there's no place where I can use a clickable "User-Customfield"
>    Did I overlook something?

I think you need to tell us more about what you've done to make a clickable CF (Link values to on the CF admin page?) and what you're putting in your UserSummaryExtraInfo.



I made a "Global Custom Field for all users" and gave it the name 'Functie' (Sorry, for the Dutch words now and then)
Type: Enter one value
Applies to : Users
Validation : <none>
Link values to: http://<ourserver>/gebrbeh/showfie.php?fie=__CustomField__
Include page : <none>

Group rights : 
Privileged : view custom fields (SeeCustomField) ; Add, modify and delete custom field values for objects (ModifyCustomField)

In RT_SiteConfig.pm:

    'RT::Ticket' => {
       'Basics'     => ['Domein', 'Aard'],
	'RT::Asset' => {
		'Details' => ['Type'],
	'RT::User' => {
		'Details' => ['CF.Functie'],


Set(@UserSummaryPortlets, (qw/ExtraInfo CreateTicket ActiveTickets InactiveTickets UserAssets/));

Set($UserSummaryExtraInfo, "RealName, EmailAddress, Name, Organization, WorkPhone, MobilePhone, 'CF.Functie'");

On the "basics" page of the user I can see the custom field 'Functie' as expected and I can enter a value, e.g. "Manager"
On the "User Summary" page of the user, I can see the custom field as well, I can read the value ("Manager"), but in the "User Information"-box nothing is clickable. (It would be nice if the email address would be a clickable address too)

Can I give you some more information to help me out here?

Best Regards,

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