[rt-users] Problem sending email from Reply

"Tamás, Szép" tamas.szep at govcert.hu
Fri May 16 03:27:22 EDT 2014

Dear RT users,

We at CERT-Hungary are using a very old version (3.0.12) of RT with the
IR plugin. Recently I installed RT 4.0.18 with IR 3.0.2, using Ubuntu
12.04.4 LTS on a separate server. Copied every configuration items from
the old version to the new what I thought to be important. Made some
improvements and changes as well. Do not plan to migrate data since it
is very problematic due to the huge change between the two versions.

Everything seems to be working fine... except one very important thing:
'Reply' function does not send email to the sender, neither does 'New
investigation' to the correspondent.

The strange thing is that RT receives emails and even sends but only to
CCs, BCCs, One-time CCs and One-time BCCs.

Any help would be appreciated.
Please consider that I am not a Linux guru.

Best regards,

Tamas Szep

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