[rt-users] Why are Asset #'s so naked?

Al Joslin allen.joslin at gmail.com
Sun May 18 23:47:43 EDT 2014

I chose RT + RT-Assets by virtue of it's claimed capabilities and external API's -- I've got to handle HelpDesk tickets, Developer bug tickets, and nearly 50 thousand assets.  I'm focusing on Assets to start because they are pretty crucial to the process.  

I've installed RT-Assets 1.0.1 on top of RT 4.2.4 over the latest Ubuntu & MySQL.  I've created and loaded some test data into Users and Groups & Queues and Categories.  I've worked with Group Rights, and played around with it all for a few days and searched the web a great deal and can find no answer to my question: How can I deal with Assets without having to know their numbers?

	Why in the world am I required to know an Asset's Number in order to use/link it ?  Why are there no searching options that result in linkage ?  Why do I have to find the Asset, write it's number on a sticky note and then go to another screen where I then enter that number ?  I would love to get the FindAsset portlet into the Ticket/Create.html -- but there seems to be no option for that in the RT_Config.

I am convinced that I am missing something fundamental here.  It could very well be that a Scrip/Portlet/Extension would solve this problem -- but so far I have only found a list of Extensions in the RT wiki.  I can find no list of Scrips, or community repo -- and I can't find one for Portlets either. 

How can I get the FindAsset portlet into the Ticket/Create window ?

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