[rt-users] Problem sending email from Reply

"Tamás, Szép" tamas.szep at govcert.hu
Mon May 19 03:21:15 EDT 2014

> What configurations did you copy.  Did you change the Scrips?

I think I didn't copy any Scrips. I am going to look it up.

> Which problems, we've walked a few clients through upgrading from that
vintage of RTIR, keeping their data intact.

Good to know! Maybe I will try that. It may take a lot of time to
upgrade from version to version however and as a GovCERT we can't stop
incident handling so I don't want to mess with the live one. Any ideas?

> > Everything seems to be working fine... except one very important
thing: 'Reply' function does not send email to the sender, neither does
'New investigation' to the correspondent.

> These are both standard built-in features of RT and RTIR

I don't understand. Not sending email to the sender when I want to and
not sending email to the correspondent when launching an investigation
are built-in features? I would say it is a bad configuration at us or
something like that.

> You claim to not be putting yourself in as the Requestor (thus
> avoiding NotifyActor), please show the debug logs when sending mail
> that should notify the Requestor.  This is most easily accomplished by
> Set($LogToScreen,'debug'); and then going and reading your Apache
> error logs.

First I try to change NotifyActor to 1. If the problem still exists I
will post the Apache log.

Tamas Szep

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