[rt-users] remote sql server w/ ssl RT make upgrade-database problem

Pollard, James R jim.pollard at mail.utexas.edu
Thu May 29 11:29:23 EDT 2014

Trying to upgrade from RT 4.2.1 to 4.2.4 with a remote SSL required Mysql
server.  I've had the current version working fine for months by modifying
/opt/rt/lib/RT/Handle.pm as such, where ++ denotes added lines.  


sub BuildDSN {

    my $self = shift;

    # Unless the database port is a positive integer, we really don't want
to pass it.

    my $db_port = RT->Config->Get('DatabasePort');

    $db_port = undef unless (defined $db_port && $db_port =~ /^(\d+)$/);

    my $db_host = RT->Config->Get('DatabaseHost');

    $db_host = undef unless $db_host;

    my $db_name = RT->Config->Get('DatabaseName');

    my $db_type = RT->Config->Get('DatabaseType');

    $db_name = File::Spec->catfile($RT::VarPath, $db_name)

        if $db_type eq 'SQLite' &&

   ++ my $DBDriver = $RT::DatabaseType;


    ++$DBDriver .= ":mysql_read_default_file=$RT::MySQLClientConfigFile" if

     ++(defined $RT::MySQLClientConfigFile);

    my %args = (

        Host       => $db_host,

        Database   => $db_name,

        Port       => $db_port,

        ++Driver     => $DBDriver,

        RequireSSL => RT->Config->Get('DatabaseRequireSSL'),


I have already run make upgrade, copied my changes to Handle.pm and verified
that the connection works using the web interface.  Make upgrade-database
fails however saying "access denied for <user at RTwebhostname> (using
password: YES)"  


Can anyone think of a way to:

1.        For the make upgrade-database script to use the connection
specified in RT_SiteConfig that works. or

2.       Do a manual database upgrade using a manual connection via mysql -D
.. Etc. etc. 


I'd very much appreciate any assistance!





Jim Pollard

IT Coordinator

Department of Biomedical Engineering

University of Texas at Austin

 <mailto:it at bme.utexas.edu> it at bme.utexas.edu


"It's a strange thing about determined seekers-after-wisdom that, no matter
where they happen to be, they'll always seek that wisdom which is a long way
off.  Wisdom is one of the few things that looks bigger the farther away it


Terry Pratchett


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