[rt-users] Ticket replies not going to another queue

Guadagnino Cristiano guadagnino.cristiano at creval.it
Fri May 30 11:07:05 EDT 2014

Kevin Falcone ha scritto:
> On Fri, May 30, 2014 at 12:56:17PM +0000, Guadagnino Cristiano wrote:
>> The problem arises when one requestor (requestors often are completely
>> unaware of the fact we are using RT internally) send a ticket to a
>> division, and that division replies that the request should be made to
>> another division. At this point, the requestor often takes the reply and
>> forwards it to the other division, leaving it intact.
>> Now, if the other division is using RT, the mail message from the
>> requestor is again turned into a ticket and - due to the fact that it
>> already contains a ticket number - it is appended to the old ticket
>> thread instead of creating a new ticket in the other division's queues.
>> Is anybody having this issue? How did you solve it?
> While we understand this use case (and in fact have developed code for
> users who needed to be able to email other RT queues from inside RT):
Kevin, I am curious about this.
Is this something you have developed under a paid contract or is it part 
of the standard RT? If so, I may have missed something.

>> Ideally I think RT should append to the original ticket only if the
>> receiving address is the same as the original ticket. Or at least, this
>> is how it could work in our environment. Anybody foreseeing possible
>> problems with this approach?
> This workflow will never become the default RT workflow.  Too many
> people (including us) rely on email finding their way to an RT ticket
> regardless of whether they've moved to a separate escalation queue or
> just to the 'correct' queue.
> Also consider the many many people who have 5+ email addresses all
> feed into one queue.
> Assuming usage of a modern RT, the following extension forces creation
> of new tickets when a reply comes in to a resolved ticket.  You could
> either use it as is, or modify it to check To: (and Cc:) vs Queue's
> correspond address and then trigger the new ticket creation.
> https://metacpan.org/release/RT-Extension-RepliesToResolved
> -kevin
Thank you Kevin, I think I'll be perusing this extension.
BTW, we're using RT 4.2.3.


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