[rt-users] Enable requestors to view ticket without logging in

Kevin Falcone falcone at bestpractical.com
Mon Nov 3 17:20:33 EST 2014

On Wed, Oct 29, 2014 at 09:51:41AM +0100, Rinke Colen wrote:
> Customers create tickets by sending an email. The automated response
> contains a link to the ticket. When the requestor follows that link,
> they are required to log in. Since they don't have a user account they
> can't.
> How can I enable requestors to view their tickets without logging in?

I'm unaware of any extension that allows ticket with tokens to log in
and see your tickets.  If you mean making all the tickets public,
maybe you could do that with RTx-BugTracker-Public but that comes with
a *lot* of other baggage and will likely not do all of what you want.

You say you don't have central auth, but what are you trying to
accomplish, and are you really ok with making all your tickets public?

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