[rt-users] New error while importing assets

Mitch Kyser mkyser at albion.edu
Mon Nov 10 11:46:45 EST 2014

After creating several Catalogs and successfully importing Assets into them
from CSV files, I am now getting an error I can't seem to figure out.  The
error I am seeing looks like this;

[1933] [Mon Nov 10 16:16:09 2014] [error]: Failed to set CF Model to
GCS3-651-120-150A-5 for row 3: Custom field 13 does not apply to this

The data shown is the correct information that is supposed to go into the
custom field named Model.  I am also seeing this for other custom fields
for and for multiple rows.  I have compared the various rows that don't
generate any errors and do not see any pattern.

I did just upgrade to version 4.2.9 and add the CommandByMail extension.

My system consists of the following running on Ubuntu Server 14.04.
RT-Extension-Assets-Import-CSV-1.3.tar.gz with Text-CSV_XS-1.11 added

Any suggestions on how to resolve this would be appreciated.

Mitch Kyser
Network Administrator
mkyser at albion.edu
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