[rt-users] Problem with 4.0.22 --> 4.2.9 upgrade

Max McGrath mmcgrath at carthage.edu
Wed Nov 26 11:47:13 EST 2014

Hello -

Upgraded a test RT server from 4.0.22 to 4.2.9 yesterday.  Upgrade went
smooth and I didn't run into any real big issues.

The issue is now when logging in to RT.  I get to the login just fine and I
enter my credentials.  Upon hitting the *Login* button I immediately get
sent to a page that shows:

Not Found

The requested URL /HASH(0x7f632a4a2b98) was not found on this server.

With a URL of https://*fqdn*/HASH(0x7f632a4a2b98).

However, if I modify the URL to just the *fqdn* of my server, I am logged
in just fine to RT and all seems well.  If I logout and attempt to login
again -- I'll get the same error with a different HASH number following.

The mason data cache was cleared after the upgrade.

What would cause such an error?

Max McGrath
Network Administrator
Carthage College
mmcgrath at carthage.edu
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