[rt-users] Order of custom field updates

Woody - Wild Thing Safaris woody at wildthingsafaris.com
Fri Nov 28 09:09:33 EST 2014

Hi folks,

I have a scrip that runs onCustomFieldChange, and it creates another 
ticket using data from other custom fields.


Payment amount  - value
Payment currency - select
Payment destination  - select
Payment type - select

A scrip triggers on change of Payment type, but when the new ticket is 
created, amount and currency are defined, but destination is not set so 
i get something like

Incoming Payment of xxxxx GBP - .

instead of

Incoming Payment of xxxx GBP - Current account

I have checked the id number of the custom fields thinking maybe they 
update in id order, but Payment Type is the lowest, and Payment 
Destination is not the highest. Payment type is the last in the list 
that's displayed, so I'm not sure how the order of field updates is decided.

Can anyone suggest a solution or provide any info on how the order of 
field updates is defined and how i can change it (presumably by changing 
field names or deleting and re-adding?)


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