[rt-users] Best way to configure "non-technical Manager" in RT 4 who needs to check RT (but not create) saved searches?

Duncan Napier dgnapier at sfu.ca
Wed Oct 8 16:37:48 EDT 2014


I am running RT 4.0.8 on CentOS 6. We would like non-technical managers to be able to see current search results/reports for our organization from RT. We want to avoid the Manager from using/seeing the "RT at a Glance" page (resulting in head explosions) but still be able to see query/search through, for example, URL links (in an email or on a website) running as "http://my.company.com/Search/Results.html?Format= ...".  

All our non-technical users are unprivileged and interact through the /SelfService interface. We would like to keep the Manager unprivileged and have them use only the /SelfService interface. However, it appears (?) that only privileged users can run searches on the system. So ideally, we would like this user to have both a default /Selfserve interface as well as the permission to execute searches. 

Basically, I am wondering how I could create a user, or group of users who have

- SelfService access by default
- But can run search URLs "http://my.company.com/Search/Results.html?Format= ..."

In other words, forcing privileged users to have a SelfService home page, while still granting the privilege to run searches through hyperlinks or their browser URL Bar. Or is this better managed through Dashboards? 

I see older version of RT (v 3) that have extensions like


that seem to either force users to SelfServe or give them a choice but I'm not sure how well or if they will work on RT4.

Of course one simple solution is to bookmark their browsers with "http://my.company.com//SelfService" but something a little more fool-proof would be preferred. 

Thanks in advance. 



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