[rt-users] Could not load a valid user

Daniel Moore Daniel.Moore at osbornewood.com
Thu Apr 9 08:34:33 EDT 2015


I have an issue where we keep getting emails for ONE particular email that says "Cannot load a valid user".

I have already added this "user" into RT. I have even deleted and re-added him (I deleted it from the SQL database and ensured no reference to it all was in RT). He is back in the system.

I have configured my RT_SiteConfig.pm three different ways with no avail.

Set( $ValidateUserEmailAddress, 1); "current setting"

#Set( $ValidateUserEmailAddress, 0); "previous setting"

Set( $ValidateUserEmailAddress, 0); "original setting"

I do not know why this is still happening even though I have tried to turn this off. I originally set it up because this was new to our organization (this version) and we had a lot of "junk" emails getting through. I thought I had turned this off by commenting it out.

This only effects ONE email address (that I know of) and it happens every day.

Is there a way to permanently turn this off so that it doesn't validate users?

Oh, and this user has administrator privileges in RT so user rights are not a problem. This is our IT email address.


Daniel Moore
IT Systems Technician
Osborne Wood Products, Inc.
P: 706.282.5764
F: 888.777.4304

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