[rt-users] Could not load a valid user

Bryon Baker bbaker at copesan.com
Thu Apr 9 10:32:52 EDT 2015

We have this same issue.  I have track down the issue to the fact that the email address has mixed case somewhere in the address.  To solve it, I have to manually the user so the name is all lower case and the email address matches the incoming email address.

I did at one point have an open case about this issue with Best Practical.  I do not know if this issue has been addressed.

I am running version 4.2.3

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On Thu, Apr 09, 2015 at 12:34:33PM +0000, Daniel Moore wrote:
> Hello,
> I have an issue where we keep getting emails for ONE particular email that says "Cannot load a valid user".
> I have already added this "user" into RT. I have even deleted and re-added him (I deleted it from the SQL database and ensured no reference to it all was in RT). He is back in the system.
> I have configured my RT_SiteConfig.pm three different ways with no avail.
> Set( $ValidateUserEmailAddress, 1); "current setting"
> #Set( $ValidateUserEmailAddress, 0); "previous setting"
> Set( $ValidateUserEmailAddress, 0); "original setting"
> I do not know why this is still happening even though I have tried to turn this off. I originally set it up because this was new to our organization (this version) and we had a lot of "junk" emails getting through. I thought I had turned this off by commenting it out.
> This only effects ONE email address (that I know of) and it happens every day.
> Is there a way to permanently turn this off so that it doesn't validate users?
> Oh, and this user has administrator privileges in RT so user rights are not a problem. This is our IT email address.

Hi Daniel,

When we have seen this error, it was the result of our CanonicalizeEmailAddress function in User_Local.pm (in 3.8.x). Run through that functions logic to determine where the problem is. In our case, the problem was caused by user primary Email address changes. The permissions of the account do not matter since the cause is the failure to determine the correct Email address. I hope this helps.


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