[rt-users] Ticket history view: toggle all, comments / correspondence

Karres, Dean karres at illinois.edu
Thu Apr 16 17:06:13 EDT 2015


We hope to replace an ancient, homegrown ticketing system with RT.  There is a feature in the old system that my boss hopes is available in RT.  This is the idea of a "worklog".  Not every queue or ticket will require such a thing.  It might be possible that the "Comments" in RT will suffice.  Is it possible to look a ticket's History and see ONLY the comments?  It doesn't look like it but I have missed other obvious stuff recently.

I have seen the History Filter and Brief History extensions but I do not see how they work really.  I am not sure they really apply here.  I looked at creating a custom Search that would perhaps display the concatenated comment thread for each ticked in a queue but how to do that was not obvious

Basically is it possible to toggle the History view for a tickets and see all the correspondence + comments; or only the correspondence; or only the comments?

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