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Murillo Azambuja Gonçalves murillo at ifi.unicamp.br
Wed Apr 29 16:41:34 EDT 2015


In advance, sorry for my English.

I'm trying to change the default template "Resolved in HTML", so that 
when the user receives the e-mail stating that the ticket has been 
resolved, a satisfaction survey (linked in the email) be filled.

But I would like this link to the survey be a star rating, where each 
star represents a parameter of the level of satisfaction for the survey 
To make this star rating, I am using HTML and CSS.

But the template accuses an error when I use CSS:

"Could not compile the template of codeblock 'text-decoration: none; 
color: inherit;': syntax error at line 6 template"

Follows the code:

Subject: Resolvido: {$Ticket->Subject}

Content-Type: text/html

<style type="text/css">

     a {

         text-decoration: none;

         color: inherit;


     .rating {

       unicode-bidi: bidi-override;

       direction: rtl;

       float: left;


     .rating span {

       display: inline-block;

       position: relative;

       width: 3.0em;


     .rating span:before {

        content: "\2606";

        font-size: 50px;


     .rating span:hover:before,

     .rating span:hover ~ span:before {

        content: "\2605";

        cursor: pointer;

        color: gold;


     .clear {

         clear: both;



<p>De acordo com nossos registros, o seu pedido foi resolvido. Se você 
tem qualquer outra questão, por favor, responda a esta mensagem.</p>

<p>Por favor, avalie o atendimento:</p>

<div class="rating">







<div class="clear"> </div>

Does anyone know how I can get around this?

Thank you very much

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