[rt-users] Upgraded 4.0.0 with RTFM 2.0 to RT 4.2 - can RTFM be removed?

Giuseppe Sollazzo gsollazz at sgul.ac.uk
Thu Apr 30 07:07:27 EDT 2015

Dear list,

we have upgrade our 4.0.0 to the latest 4.2, which includes an article functionality and currently testing it (it's a clone of our live system).

On our 4.0.0, we had RTFM version 2.0 installed (although we never really used it, nor configured it) and the installation guide says this is not compatible with the auto-upgrade script. I proceeded with the 4.0.0->4.2 upgrade anyway, thinking the RTFM would just be left behind.

However, the Articles section doesn't quite work (see screenshot with "content" not being editable, which is a clear symptom of us never having configured RTFM for use), so I suspect RTFM files are affecting the functionality.

Is there a quick fix? I don't mind losing the RTFM 2.0 content to be honest.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

Giuseppe Sollazzo
Senior System Analyst

Member of the Open Data User Group (Cabinet Office)
Member of the Technical Standards Board (Cabinet Office)?
Member of the Health and Social Care Transparency Panel (Department of Health)

Computing Services
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St George's, University of London
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gsollazz at sgul.ac.uk
+44 20 8725 5160

St George's, University of London is proud to be a Stonewall Diversity Champion: 'people perform better when they can be themselves'.

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