[rt-users] Custom Field Security

Joseph D. Wagner joe at josephdwagner.info
Tue Aug 4 04:30:41 EDT 2015

I would like for unprivileged users to be able to enter and view custom 
fields on the tickets they enter.

I setup the custom field for Ticket and added it to a specific Queue.  I 
figured out how unprivileged users can enter custom fields for tickets 
they file -- SeeCustomField and ModifyCustomField.

However, after the ticket is entered, unprivileged users cannot see the 
custom field data they just entered on the SelfService/Display.html 
page.  Only privileged users can see this.

How can I set this up so unprivileged users can see the custom field 
data they just entered?

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Joseph D. Wagner

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