[rt-users] resolving stalled tickets after X amount of time

Mike Johnson mike.johnson at nosm.ca
Tue Aug 4 14:41:47 EDT 2015

I tried googling and found an unanswered email to this list from 2006.

I also found a bunch of links relating to RT's Lifecycle functionality, but
I wasn't able to figure out if there was a built in way for RT to
auto-resolve/reject/(some other status) tickets that have been stalled for
a period of time.

Ideally, I would like to set tickets to stalled when we are waiting for
feedback from the requestor, and if that requestor does not respond after a
given time period(configurable by queue preferrably), the system
automatically resolves.

It would be best if when we resolve in this fashion, that the requestor
gets notified of the automatic resolve... which is why I suggested another
status, as it would be easy to set a scrip/template for this.

>From what I read in the Lifecycles functionality, it only applies to
transactions as they are happening. I'm looking to kick off a transaction

I'm assuming this is a cron + executing a saved query of some sort, then
actioning on it all.

Is this built into RT somehow, or do I have to piece it together like I've
stated above using cron/perl scripting?


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