[rt-users] Increase size of attachment when using web interaface to attach items

Daniel Moore Daniel.Moore at osbornewood.com
Wed Aug 5 09:57:16 EDT 2015


I need to know how to increase the size of attachments when using the web interface to attach items to the ticket.

Steps to follow:

Click any ticket number > click Actions in the top right corner >(drop down menu) click Reply

Click Browse underneath the big message box. Find your item , select it, and click open.

Then click Update Ticket.

The item I am trying to upload is a ".exe" file that is 34 MB

It doesn't return an error on RT just doesn't attach anything. I haven't checked the Linux logs yet but I know there has to be an RT Config setting that will enable this.

PS#### I have already adjusted the settings for the mail and it doesn't work for the web interface.


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