[rt-users] Forward ticket with complete history and attachments (refresh)

Piotr Mańturzyk (NooxTechnologies) piotr.manturzyk at nooxtech.pl
Tue Aug 11 04:53:28 EDT 2015

Hello again,

I'm close to the solution.

The most important thing is to include comments:


file ~/rt4/lib/RT/Action/SendForward.pm line 97:

VALUE => [qw(Create Correspond Comment)],


To make RT also to forward Forward transactions (while forwarding you can
add message too), you need 

VALUE => [qw(Create Correspond Comment Forward Ticket)],


The problem is that the name of this transactions contain space and is
treated as two separate transactions types (i.e. Forward and Ticket).


This trick below does not work:

VALUE => [qw(Create Correspond Comment "Forward\ Ticket")],


I renamed the transaction type in the database and it works as expected.


Where are all the transaction types defined? BTW: the convention is
inconsistent, because another transaction types e.g. CommentEmailRecord,
EmailRecord, SetWatcher, CustomField do not contain spaces. In my opinion
it's deserves a change request.


Thank you & best regards


PS. Thank you, Jerome Ch. from Canada for you help!



Piotr Mańturzyk

Noox Technologies

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Hello again,

to be more precise: RT does forward tickets, but only transactions of type
'correspond'. I want RT to forward all transactions - inclusive 'comments'.
How to?

Thanks in advance for any hint.

BR, Piotr

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