[rt-users] setting up auto reply to only work on certain queues.

norman norbking at live.com
Wed Aug 19 07:11:55 EDT 2015

Hello all.
I have a setup where if a ticket is created rt will send a message to 
the requester automatically. This is set up to do this for all my 
queues. However, i now have a queue that i need to turn this off on. 
Looking at global scripts i see the "on transaction create send auto 
reply" script. I can disable this by setting the stage. However, i can't 
figure out how to add a script to the queues that need the auto reply 
In other words, is it possible to have a script only work on certain 
queues and if so, what am i missing?
I can see the scripts options under each queue but that doesn't allow me 
to edit anything beyond the global scripts.

System config. rt 4.0.19, debian 7, apache webserver, and mysql.

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