[rt-users] rt cluster using postgres

Jeff Mundine jeff at brit.com
Fri Aug 28 18:35:42 EDT 2015

I had an idea to cluster RT, using postgres to synchronize the different
RT servers. 
The only issue I have, is if the DB's stop talking to eachother, then
there would be a problem with the ticket sequencing. (you would get
duplicate tickets for the same id).

I've tried to look around for something like modifying the ticket id. I
know it's numeric only, but haven't found much to do something like have
one server do odd numbers, the other even or some such..
Any ideas of a way to do this, or is it simply not possible at this

Also, any other reasons or possible problems anyone could see with this?

My secondary step, is just to run 1 instance, but use the postgres
replication and probably rsync for a hot standby.

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